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Cozy Up To Yourself!

Mindful Art Company is 2 years old! And if you haven't heard we are celebrating the entire month of October. We've picked a theme for our celebrating:


What does that even mean? In these 2 years, we have really found our passion for self-compassion. That is, the practice of treating yourself like you would treat a good friend. Cozying up to yourself, simply means getting to know yourself better, becoming comfortable with yourself, and of course, sitting with yourself, holding your favorite cozy thing close, and simply, being.

We kicked off our first cozy week by giving away one of our MAK Packs. If you're not following us on our Facebook page or Instagram yet, now is the time @mindfulartco. We'll be giving away something each week this month, as well as doing a live mini lesson/meditation each Tuesday evening. If you were able to join us for our first live give away, we promised an email with some handouts to go along with Becky's lesson on self-compassion. Don't worry, it's still coming! Just hang tight :)

Next, we will give away some Dub It games and all this week we will be talking about some ways to get to know your emotions better, as well introducing you to a few friends we've made these past two years.

Thank you to all of you who are subscribers to our blog and part of this company! We hope to continue offering some educational/inspiring content here, as well as keeping you up to date on what's happening in our little world!


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