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Dub It is a mindfulness game. Therapists play it with clients, school counselors and teachers play it with students, and families and friends play it to have a new kind of fun together. It's a game for anyone ages 3 to 103 who wants to doodle, play, and unite.  

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Why Play Dub It?

We battle emotions every day. But why? Our emotions are not our enemies. They can become knights of our own round table if we learn to dub them--or name them with honor--just as a king dubs a knight. A traditional round table is built to ensure that all the knights, or emotions, are deemed equal. As you play Dub It, your round table grows in number and strength because even the difficult emotions become a friend and not a foe. The more you dub your emotions, the better equipped you will be to respond with valor to the challenges facing your kingdom. Dub It makes emotions safe to feel and share. You’ll learn a lot about the players, including yourself. Are you ready?

How to Play Dub It?

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