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We've Done It For You.

Happy mom and son doing the art project from our first lesson in the digital MAK Pack

What's that? You wanted us to do your laundry? Sorry. We are actually pretty terrible at that. But keep reading, because we are giving you an incredible discount on what we CAN do for you. Which, is teach you mindfulness, emotional responsibility and self-compassion. AND we can help you teach your kids those empowering skills at the same time.

See, we've been thinking about you. We've been thinking about the kids in your life. And we want NOTHING more than for you all to be kind to yourselves, to find peace and calm, and to be able to own your hard feelings (I know, there have been lots lately) and also be able to revel in your positive ones.

Do you know how empowering it is to be able to own ALL of your feelings? To be responsible for them? To learn from them? It is a powerful thing. And we need power right now. And how about the ability to love yourself? Who could use a kind inner-voice right about now, telling you that your best is enough. That you are enough? How powerful would that be to have self-compassion in your pocket? How about our kids? Could they use some empowering tools right now? Could they use the powerful feeling of peace? Would they feel empowered knowing exactly how to find their own inner-peace? Yes. We all need this power right now.

So, please--Let us do it for you. Let us help you learn and teach these powerful skills, tools, and way of life to you and your loved ones. Start by purchasing our Digital MAK Pack. It's $20 off for YOU with the code: 2020

Did you catch that?? It's $20 off. That means it's only $5. The cost of a Happy Meal. You guys. You can do this.

This digital download has instructions for you to teach and learn mindfulness in 4 fun lessons. Through stories, short meditations, and simple art projects, we introduce you to some very relatable little animals and their current struggles. A bunny who's too excited to sit still, a kitty who is afraid, a giraffe who is as mad and frustrated as a raging storm, and a little panda who finds out that kindness can be the cure to his biggest worries. We also include questions to ask and answer together--setting a foundation of emotional vocabulary that will transfer to your day-to-day conversations.

How about it? Can we do it for you? Will you let us guide you step by step through each lesson, entertain you, teach you scientifically proven ways to combat depression and anxiety, and help you teach your kids at the same time? Can we? Pretty please? Just click here to get started.

This amazing deal may never be back again (hopefully like this crappy year) so go get it while you can. We are here for you. We are rooting for you. We are wishing you well!

Ta Ta For Now,

Candace & Becky

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