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$25 Off our Online Class - One Spot Left!

Have you been thinking about joining our class? We have been thinking about teaching you. We have been thinking about all the words you choose to say to yourself. And we want those three words..."I love you." to become more natural and normal to say to YOURSELF. More importantly, we want you you to discover what other specific words YOU need to say to you. What words YOU need to hear. Come learn how to be your own best friend. We promise it will be worth every penny and every second. We know this because self-compassion is scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. We also know this because our past participants say it's worth it. We hope to add you to that list. But hurry as of Sunday at 11:30 PM, there is only ONE spot left in our class!

Enroll today and save $25 using the code: ILOVEYOU

Here's what our past students have said:

"Learning mindfulness and self-compassion with Candace and Becky brought me out of a world of gray into a world of color where I am beginning to hear and understand my inner-voice as a new friend. I feel more alive! I am passing through my life with beautiful memories instead of allowing my life to pass through me."

"The class gave me new tools, provided some good reminders, and was a lot of fun. I loved meeting new people and sharing the experience with them. Becky and Candace are a great team. They don’t pressure, but inspire and uplift."

"This class helped me stop and think about my life as it is today, right now, the present. More so than ever before I felt a need to feel grounded in the moment and this class helped me understand better who and why I am who I am, and how I can take better care of myself. Thank you!"

"This class opened up my mind to a new way a thinking. I realized how much I was missing when it came to caring for myself. This class helped give me the tools to start on my self-compassion journey."

"I was very skeptical about the whole meditation thing. Now I mediate at least once a day. Sometimes I get in two in one day. I’m a believer!"

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