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Emotion Doodle Activity

You know those emotions that are hard to feel, explain, experience or talk about? use this free exercise and we’ll show you a fun, simple way to just LET IT GO!

Mini Handbook

This is a few pages from our Self-compassion Handbook to get you started. If you like what you see here, check out the full version for download in our shop

Peaceful Bird Meditation

This meditation is a great one for all ages, where you visualize a beautiful sky and pretend to fly like a bird. Push Play now!  (This meditation is featured in written form in Promptly Journals' Weathering Your Emotions Journal. If you came here for the first time because of that, we are happy to have you! If you haven't heard of them yet, take a look here!)

Peaceful Bird Meditation - MindfulArtCo
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Emotion Clue Cards for Kids

This is a tool that parents and kids can use as they want to build their emotional vocabulary. This worksheet helps you doodle how your emotions feel in your head, hands, heart and gut. The more specific you can be with labeling your emotion, the more specific you can be with your reaction. This freebie includes a clue card for anxiety, as well as a list of other emotions you can explore together.  Click on the PDF below to get started. 

Three Things Meditation

This meditation is a great one for beginners of all ages. Find a place to sit, and press play. We recommend meditating every day for 5-10 minutes and work up from there. This one is fun to do daily and in different locations. Try it out! To purchase the full album, click here. 

Three Things Meditation - Mindful Art Company
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Bunny Breathing Meditation

Are you new to meditation? This is a great exercise to get you started. Do this every day with your child. The more we practice mindful breathing during a calm situation, the easier it is to use mindful breathing in a stressful one. And the more we use mindful breathing, the more control we have over our responses. To purchase the full album, click here.

Bunny Breathing - Mindful Art Company
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Common Kindness for Kids Sample Lesson 

Want to see how we structure our Common Kindness For Kids course lessons? The course includes 4 lessons, similar to the one below. Check it out and see what you and your kid(s) think!

With the help of Fiona Fox, learn how frustration stops us from trying new things and exploring new ideas that can benefit our lives. This story and meditation illustrates how to take charge of our own thoughts, leaving space in our minds for self compassion and a new point of view. The simple art project included will give you and your child a chance to explore the mindfulness concepts in a relaxed and fun way. We recommend listening to the story first, then the meditation, followed by the art.


Click on the PDF below to get started. 


Fiona and the Fall LeavesMindful Art Company


Falling Leaves MeditationMindful Art Company

The Mindful Art Company’s stories, meditations and art projects use easy-to-understand, everyday language. However, if you’d like to know what we are talking about in technical terms, we cover the following mindfulness topics and emotions in this lesson:

Frustration - The feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.


Mindfulness - The act of noticing our thoughts, what our body feels like, what our ears are hearing, and anything else that is around us and happening right now. You can be mindful doing any activity whether it’s walking, playing or doing the dishes. The purpose of teaching mindfulness to our children is to give them meditation skills, to recognize their thoughts as “just thoughts,” to understand how emotions manifest in their bodies, to recognize when their attention has wandered, and to provide tools for impulse control.


Meditation - The act of remaining silent and calm for a period of time so you are able to acknowledge and work through the problems of life.


Beginner’s Mind - Too often we let our thinking and our beliefs about what we know prevent us from seeing things as they really are. A beginner's mind allows us to be receptive to new possibilities and prevents us from get stuck in the rut of our own expertise, which often think it knows more than it does. It leaves you with a clear and uncluttered mind.


Common Humanity - When we feel a connection to people because we share common feelings. When we are feeling sad, disappointed or discouraged we remember that everyone has these feelings. We may be having different experiences, and the amount of sadness and pain is also different, but the basic feeling is the same, and so a connection or commonality is created.

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