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Meditation for Peace

Hey Friends!

Could you use some more peace in your life right now? We know this has been a time of stress and anxiety for many, and we want to offer some relief to that suffering! Can we share a short meditation for you and your kids to find peace today? We link to it at the end of this quick message.

First, we wanted to ask if you've heard about Promptly Journals', “Weathering My Emotions, A Little Journal for Big Feelings”? We were honored to contribute a guided meditation for peace (pictured above). The journal, for kids ages 5-15, is packed full of prompts, art exploration and activities, meditations and so many great tools to help you guide your child through the tricky world of strong emotions. We literally can’t say enough good about this tool for helping your child (and you) to recognize and take care of what you are feeling.

We love, love, love talking about how to make conversations about emotions more common in our families, and we believe that it’s in the family that we can learn to be emotionally responsible. Tools like this new journal are wonderful in helping these conversations begin and continue throughout their lives.

We wanted to pass along a discount code for you all, as well as a chance to hear our guided meditation included in this journal. If you'd like to purchase the journal, use the code: CONTRIBUTOR20 for 20 percent off.

If you want to hear the mediation, click here. In this super quick guided meditation, we pretend to be a bird flying and visualize a peaceful sky! Doesn't that sound nice!? Let us help you find some peace today.

May you be well!

Candace & Becky


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