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MAK PACKS (MAK = Meditation Art Kit)

Our MAK Pack makes learning emotional responsibility fun. It is designed for elementary-aged kids, but many lessons can be adapted for younger or older ages. It's a great tool for teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone wanting to become more mindful along with the children in their lives.

This kit (PDF or physical) is an entire curriculum that builds upon itself to teach emotional responsibility and self-compassion through stories, meditation and art. It spawns engaging conversation and lasting emotional bonds. Ther curriculum is based off of core mindfulness principles, which are illustrated by four main characters--Bunny, Ginny Giraffe, Puffy the Kitten and Little Panda. These little characters come to life in the audio stories and art projects and kids and adults can easily apply what these characters teach into their daily lives. Listen whenever it's convenient-- in the car, during meals, at bedtime--and really make these characters a step to building emotional responsibility in your home or classroom.


The physical kit comes with a lot of reusable art supplies for 2 people to complete the art projects, while the digital download has a list of the supplies you will need. Many families and classrooms have these items on hand--if that is you--we recommend the digital download. Please select a product below  to see what is included in each, specifically. 

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