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What We've Been Up To Lately

We just finished hosting a Red Ribbon Week for a local elementary school and it was a huge success! The national theme this year is, "Be happy, be brave, be drug free!" We explored the theme and applied it to mindfulness so kids can have some extremely practical approaches to being drug free. Our goal was to help educate students about how to care for their big emotions before they turn into an addictive behavior. We did this by teaching them the steps of self-compassion! We created 5 short videos that explained each step in a fun and engaging way. Teachers loved it, students loved it and we loved it.

Would you like free access to our Red Ribbon Week videos and activity sheets? If so, click below.


On the last lesson, we included a gratitude and savoring exercise perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you are wondering how to fill some time in an intentional way, look no further! Just load up Firday's video and let Becky guide you and your kids to your own space of gratitude. Here's that video:


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