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$10 Off Our Self-compassion For Moms Class

Our Self-compassion For Moms Class is happening in about one month and now is the time to sign up. We will be teaching this three-week class on MONDAYS, MARCH 9th, 16th & 23rd 7PM-9PM in SALT LAKE CITY - SPACE IS LIMITED - and this class is the only one of its kind locally. Becky has been training for the past year with the top researchers and experts in the field of self-compassion and it's our pleasure to be able to share what she has learned. Our goal with this class is to give you the tools you need to truly practice self-compassion in your life--now and always.

Already know you want to come? Use the code HAPPY10 at checkout to get $10 off!

Becky and I both found our friendly inner-voice as young mothers. With self-compassion you have a chance to be a mother to yourself--to be that place of comfort and safety--which is great if we can do that for ourselves--but its effects are amplified when we can pass our friendly inner-voice down to our children.

If your child was having a bad day, what would you do to comfort them? Would you allow them to break all the rules because of their discomfort or pain? Maybe for a little while the screen time rule would be stretched or bowls of ice cream might be eaten. But eventually, what would you tell your child? You would tell them that it's all going to be ok. That this hard time will pass. That pretty soon the discomfort or pain will be gone and that they can do hard things. Maybe you'd even say that they really have no other choice than to face the discomfort and the pain. In short, you would motivate them to show up for their lives. And that, is exactly what self-compassion can do for you.

Instead of motivating yourself with the inner-critic's voice of fear and shame, your friendly inner-voice motivates you through comfort and confidence. Who doesn't need more of that?

Are you unkind to yourself? Do you wish to feel more motivated or more satisfied with your daily life? Do you experience symptoms of depression or anxiety? Would you like deeper connections and relationships with your kids and loved ones? Then self-compassion can help. It's scientifically proven and we want to teach you how.

We (Becky and Candace) have our own stories of self-compassion and have mapped out our friendly fact self-compassion is something we put to use every single day! It's time for us to help YOU find your friendly inner-voice and write your own self-compassion story. Not only is it possible for you as a busy mom, but it is growing more and more important for mothers to have these skills.

Come and be calmed, empowered and enlightened through meditation, group discussion, art, personal reflection and good company. Come learn what self-compassion looks like, feels like, sounds like, and how it can become a guiding voice in your daily life, as well as play a leading role in your home and family. Each week will cover one of the three pillars of self-compassion, which are: mindfulness, common humanity and self-kindness. Each week you will put into practice tools that will transform your motherhood and your life. If this sounds like something you need in your life, I invite you to click the link below. And, if this sounds like something a mom you know needs, I invite you to forward this message on to them.

Remember to use the code HAPPY10 at checkout for $10 off! You have until Feb. 14th.

Ta Ta For Now,​


P.S. We will be teaching more classes this year including a Mindful Self Compassion intensive course. If you're on this email list then you'll be the first to know about them! Thank you all for being subscribers.

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