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The Way to Melt Resistance Away

Yesterday in our Thursday night class (which by the way is still going on and we would love to see you there, if you are local to Salt Lake) we talked a lot about gratitude. Gratitude is a buzz word right now and with all buzz words they can either inspire you or bug the crap out of you. Candace was on the "bug the crap out of me team" last night. She'd had a hard day and at the time just wanted to get through it, the last thing she wanted was to look at what she was grateful for. I gave everyone a piece of paper and some markers and had them write everything that they were grateful for, Candace let out a big sigh, but did it anyways. I won't get into all the details but it was amazing to all of us what happened inside of us as we continued to write. Feelings were softened, hearts were opened, sweet times were remembered and we all let go of resistance in one form or another.

The equation is pain x resistance = suffering. We want to minimize our resistance so our suffering goes down. When we resist, we tighten, we become stubborn for reasons why we don't even know. Gratitude minimizes resistance and in turn, minimizes suffering. Gratitude allows us to let go of our stubborn tendencies and see that there is beauty no matter what our circumstances may be. Do yourself a favor and write a few things down today that you are grateful for, the more mundane the better. Maybe you are grateful for your oven, blue sky, warm blankets, a toilet that works, green grass, the smells and colors of spring, electricity, family, friends, favorite books, movies, pets and I could go on and on, but that's your job to do. Watch how as you continue to write, you feel a softening in your heart and you will feel your resistance melting away.

Here is a delightful video for you to watch on the power of gratitude. The Jewish Mother in the video was definitely on the "bug the crap out of me team" and her whole life was changed because of it. I know you will LOVE it!

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