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MAK Pack Digital Download: Mindfulness Fundamentals for Kids - Home Edition

This Zip file contains all the tools you need to start your home-study of meditation, mindfulness, emotional responsibility and self-compassion through stories, meditation and art. It includes:


1 - Mindfulness Fundamentals For Kids Album: Stories and meditations (9 tracks) for kids and caregivers to listen to learn mindfulness principles and begin their own meditation practice. They are only 4-8 minutes long and have animal characters your kids will fall in love with. 

2 - Mindfulness Fundamentals for Kids Lesson Guide Printable PDF: This a 21-page PDF with a lesson plan, discussion questions, and step-by-step art instructions for 4 mindfulness lessons that coordinate with each animal charcter from our kids album. We also include an art supplies list and our recommended sources--although most of the supplies you most-likely have already.

3 - Emotional Clue Cards for Kids Printable PDF: This is a fun way for kids to help build their emotional vocabulary. Sometimes emotions are mysteries to us, but they don't have to be. With these Emotional Clue Cards they use the characters from our stories to identify emotions and doodle their way to knowing themselves and their emotions in a whole new way. 13 pages that can be printed off as many times as needed!


4 - Gift Certificate Our MAK Pack is set up into 4 lessons, and we recommend that parents and kids set a special date for each lesson. So, in giving a MAK Pack to your child, you are basically giving them 4 special dates with you! Of course you can give a physical kit, but if you already have the art supplies (most of them are things families already have on hand) and would rather get the digital download), we have included a PDF gift certificate you can print off, wrap up and let your kids open.


5 - Character Prints Each of our fun animal characters on their own 8.5 x 11 page. Use them as coloring pages, frame them and make them part of the family, or simply tape one to your wall to remind you and your family about the lessons you're learning. We include 3 versions of these prints so you are sure to find one version that speaks to you. 


Once payment is recieved we'll automatically email you the file. This file is good for download up to 30 days. Please note that most phones do not support zip files. We recommend you download them on a computer. 

MAK Pack Digital Download: Mindfulness Fundamentals for Kids - Home Edition

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