Self-Compassion Handbook - Early Edition

This listing is for our early edition Self-Compassion Handbook and a set of 10 fine line doodle pens. We are continuing to update this book and plan to sell a revamped version beginning of next year. Hence the reduced price!


Do you experience symptoms of depression or anxiety? Are you unkind to yourself? Do you wish to feel more motivated or more satisfied with your daily life? Then self-compassion can help. It's scientifically proven and we want to teach you how.


This handbook teaches self-compassion and emotional responsibility through doodling, writing, mindfulness meditation, and personal reflection.  These pages and accompanying meditations will calm, uplift, and enlighten you as you learn what self-compassion looks like, feels like, and sounds like--and how it can become a leading voice in your life. 


After completing this handbook, you will have your own, personalized meditation phrases that will become calming and empowering anchors in your everyday life. 


This handbook is written by Becky Farley and Candace Little of Mindful Art Company. They are an aunt and a niece team, who have taught thousands of people how to make self-compassion a part of their lives. Becky is a trained Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and has been studying intensely with experts in the field. Candace is a trained mother of 4 who uses self-compassion and mindfulness every single day. 

Included In Your Cost:

 + 10 self-compassion meditation audio files, written and recorded by Becky Farley

 + 50-page Self-Compassion Handbook to guide our discussions during the class. This is also a tool you can use throughout your life. We will mail you a printed, bound copy of this book before class begins. 


Upon paying, you will receive an email with a zip file containing the audio meditations. We will send the pens and handbook to the address you provde at checkout. 


Self-Compassion Handbook - Early Edition