Our classes are taught via Zoom or (when not social-distancing) in-person in Salt Lake City and are taught by Becky Farley and Candace Little of Mindful Art Company. They are an aunt and a niece team, who have taught thousands of people how to make self-compassion and emotional responsibility a part of their their lives. Becky has been trained by the top self-compassion researches in the field and is a Mindful Self-compassion Teacher. Candace receives most of her training in self-compassion by mothering her 4 kids and running a small business during a world-wide pandemic. We can't wait to be friends!


NOW ENROLLING for the class beginning in February 2021.

Tuesday Evenings:  February 9th, 16th, 23rd, and March 2nd from 7 pm-9 pm MST

Do you experience symptoms of depression or anxiety? Are you unkind to yourself? Do you wish to feel more motivated or more satisfied with your daily life? Would you like deeper connections and relationships with your kids and loved ones? Then self-compassion can help. It's scientifically proven and we want to teach you how.


We (Becky and Candace) have our own stories of self-compassion and have mapped out our friendly fact, self-compassion is something we put to use every single day! We honestly can't imagine getting through 2021 life without knowing these skills and having these tools that we teach in this class. It's time for us to help YOU find your friendly inner-voice and write your own self-compassion stories. Not only is it possible for you to do this, but it is growing more and more important to become mindful, motivated to connect with others, and non-judgmental. Is now the time for you to change? If so, sign up for this class. 

Come (in the comfort of your own home) and be calmed, empowered, and enlightened through meditation, group discussion, art,  personal reflection, and good company. Come learn what self-compassion looks like, feels like, sounds like, and how it can become a guiding voice in your daily life. Each week will cover one of the three pillars of self-compassion, which are: mindfulness, common humanity, and self-kindness. Keep in mind that Becky has been trained by the top researchers and experts in this field. There is no other class like this.


Your Tuition Fee Includes:


+ 8 Hours of online instruction and self-compassion group coaching ($200 + value)


+ 10 Self-compassion digital meditation audio files written and recorded by Becky especially for this class, sent to your e-mail ($10 value)


+ 50-page self-compassion handbook, written by Becky and Candace specifically for this class and to be used for the rest of your life, mailed to your home along with some colorful doodle pens. ($50 value!)



Becky loves teaching private, one-on-one lessons. These can be as individuals or with a parent and teen or tween. For group rates, please send us an email


Self-compassion involves responding in the same supportive and understanding way you would with a good friend when you have a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself.


Learning Mindful Self-Compassion or MSC, helps us to discover new ways of relating to ourselves and teaches skills we can practice in our daily lives. Research shows that the more we practice being kind and compassionate with ourselves using the skills taught in the MSC 6-week course the more we’ll increase the habit of self-compassion.


Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an empirically-supported 6-week course designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion. This specific course can only be taught by a certified MSC teacher. Becky is one of a few people who qualify in the entire state of Utah. 


Anyone interested in developing the resource of self-compassion is invited to take the class. 


The class is an 6-week program, 2.5 hours per week plus a half-day retreat. The class will take place in Holladay, UT when COVID ends! More specific details to come. 

If you are interested in signing up for this class, email or subscribe to our email list below and you'll be the first to know when we open enrollment. You can also follow us @MindfulArtCo on Instagram and Facebook for all up-to-date info!


“Your class has truly helped me in so many ways. I appreciate that I can feel sadness and I am no longer afraid to sit with my emotions.”