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Becky is a certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher (MSCT) taught under the direction of researchers Dr. Kristen Neff and Dr. Chris Germer. She is a cofounder of Mindful Art Company and cohost of the podcast Common Kindness where she and her niece teach the science and art of being kind to yourself. As a self-compassion coach, Becky relays scientifically grounded principles through use of story, art, and meditation to help her clients process fears, shame, pain, depression, and anxieties as well as live fuller, richer lives. Mindfulness and self-compassion have lit a path through, up, and out of the darkest times in Becky’s life, and she hopes they can also help you and those within your realm of influence. If you are hoping for more connection and kindness in your life--coaching with Becky is for you.

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 Private Coaching

Becky currently has an opening to teach private, one-on-one classes. These can be as individuals or with a parent and teen or tween. For more details, click the button below.

 Group Coaching & Classes

We also teach group classes and provide group coaching for teachers, therapists, therapists' clients, coworkers from all types of businesses, and any type of group you belong to. If you'd like to create a group culture of connection and kindness, please send us an email to discuss a class and price that fits your needs.



“Your class has truly helped me in so many ways. I appreciate that I can feel sadness and I am no longer afraid to sit with my emotions.” 

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