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Our Tools for Teaching and Learning Mindful Self-Compassion

These are digital downloads so you can start learning right now! We also have many free resources and downloadable samples on our freebies page.

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We're So Glad You're Here

Did you come to create more connection and kindness in your life? Studies have shown (although we’re pretty sure it doesn’t really take a scientist to figure this out), that there is a very scary rise in suicide, depression, anxiety, ADHD and trauma in kids, teens and adults. Why? Because of unhealthy amounts of distraction, disconnection and reactiveness among society as a whole. Connecting with yourself and others, especially while feeling strong emotions, is a skill that society has forgotten. Mindful Art Co is here to help. We teach you how to create a lasting practice of connection, intention, and kindness.


With our help, you and the kids in your life can:

  • Become more connected and intentional and less distracted and reactive.

  • Grow more mindful, self-compassionate, and emotionally responsible. 

  • Improve your emotional vocabulary, ability to weather hard moments,  and improve overall life satisfaction.

  • See more peace and less fear in yourself and in your home or classroom.

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Common Kindness is a mindfulness podcast for finding your friendly inner voice. Becky & Candace talk about the real art and science of self-compassion. In each short episode, we tell stories, share meditations, and start conversations that you get to continue in your own life. When tough times happen, do you forget to show up for yourself like a good friend would? Let us help you make kindness more common in your life--starting with yourself exactly where you’re at.

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Hi! Nice to Meet You!

Becky Farley is a wife, mom, grandma and has been teaching mindfulness for close to a decade. She is a certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher (MSCT), trained under the direction of the top MSC researchers in the world. She is an animated, kind, wise teacher and coach to anyone who'll listen. She and her niece, Candace Little, began Mindful Art Company in 2015. They also host the podcast Common Kindness. They truly enjoy and feel called to  share the sometimes lost science of being kind to yourself, and other scientifically grounded principles through stories, art, and meditation. Mindfulness and self-compassion have lit a path through, up, and out of the darkest times in their lives. They are here to guide you on your own path to more connection, kindness and ease.


Please reach out to Candace and Becky via email or

message us on Instagram @mindfulartco

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