Dub It

For 3-6 players, ages 3-100

Game Contents:

11 Emotion Cards 

80 Doodle Cards

Doodle Key




Well, other than wanting to have a fun time and to get to know people from a fantastically brave, new perspective, this game is actually an amazing mindfulness tool. When we learn to label our emotions (or dub them, as we like to call it), we gain more control of our health and happiness. It’s true—neuroscientists, psychologists, and this game have proven it. 


We battle emotions every day. But why? When we could just dub them instead? As you play Dub It, you will discover the wide range of emotions that give us grief and that lift us up. The more specific you can become at labeling your emotions, the better equipped you will be to respond to them. Dub It makes emotions safe to feel and share. You’ll learn a lot about the players, including yourself. Are you ready to Dub It??


Dub It