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Mindfulness Fundamentals Syllabus 

Week 1. Beginning Mindfulness 

1. Why practice mindfulness?

2. Definitions of Mindfulness

3. Introduction to Breathing

4. Beginning meditation

Week 2. Relaxed and Alert; Clear and Calm
1. Response flexibility, or learning to pause before you act. 
2. Learning to be aware of body responses when meditating
3. Explanation of body scan
4. Body scan meditation

Week 3. Emotional Awareness 
1. Recognizing and Defining emotions
2. Understanding the judging mind
3. Adopting beginner’s mind
4. Body scan with careful attention to emotions stored in the body

Week 4. A Mindful Heart
1. Cultivating Gratitude and Kindness through acceptance
2. Learning to let go by understanding grasping and aversion
3. Self-Compassion 
4. Loving kindness meditation

Week 5. Mindfulness and Communication 
1. Bringing Mindfulness to Interactions. 
2. Questioning our thoughts and catching ourselves
3. Wholeness verses the delusion of separateness
4. Forgiveness meditation

Week 6. Everyday Mindfulness
1. Training the Mind to be more Mindful
2. Moving with mindfulness; walking meditation
3. Mindful Eating
4. Maintaining a Daily Practice

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