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MAK Pack Art Supplies

Any of these supplies that you already have will be just fine to use! But if you get special supplies for the kids to use just during your mindfulness art projects, it’s one more way to get them excited and looking forward to learning the mindfulness principles.


Play Dough

Moody Stuff is our favorite! It’s so soft and kind of feels like marshmallows and you can add water if it dries out. The company website is below, and they sell each container for $5. But email us at if you want bulk/classroom pricing!


$10 for a big bag!

Pipe Cleaners

Here are some of our favorites!


You’ll use these to cut paper, cardstock, as well as pipe cleaners

Watercolor Paper

We like to buy this and cut it in half.



For younger classes, you may want to consider providing some pre-mixed liquid watercolors in only a few colors (see a helpful video about liquid watercolors here: If you buy paint sets, for Crayola, we’ve found the best pricing at Walmart or Target. But here’s a Color Swell brand on Amazon we belive in:


Paint Brushes

For the art project in Lesson2, a flat paint brush is ideal.

Paper Towels

Any kind will do! They’re just for the watercolor art project in Lesson 2


If you buy Crayola, we’ve found the best pricing at Walmart or Target. But here’s a brand on Amazon we believe in:


Any tape will work, but we love this fun, inexpensive washi tape.

Craft Sticks

You can use any size you have on hand. For the scuba diver (lesson 2) we like using small ones (you could also use extra pipe cleaners!) and for the cat masks in lesson 3 we like using the large ones. We’ve found these at great prices at the dollar store. But here are ones we order online:


Fine Tipped Markers

(Sharp colored pencils would also work.) For older kids, Sharpies would be super fun or the dual-tipped pens. But Crayola  Fine Line ($.99) are our go-to.
Dual-tipped Pens:



This is for the wolf art in Lesson 4. Any color will work. We like using black or brown...because that’s the color of a wolf. But let your imaginations run wild!

Glue Sticks

You could use any kind of glue, but we like sticks the best. The best price we’ve found is Walmart.

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