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What is in the MAK Pack?

MAK stands for Meditating Art Kit. The kit comes in a box with a printed lesson guide, audio files on a flash drive, and all the art supplies needed for two people to complete the art projects. Go here to purchase or for more details.  We also have a PDF download available home or classroom learning.

How old should my child be to do the MAK Pack?

The first MAK Pack is called "Mindfulness Fundamentals for Kids," and is designed for an elementary-aged child and parent to do together. But depending on your child, it could work for a younger or older audience as well. 

How long does each lesson take to do?

About 30 minutes. The audio lessons are less than 8 minutes each, the meditations about 3 minutes each, and the discussion and art projects can take as long or as little time as you'd like. 

Is the MAK Pack for beginners only?

In the first kit we cover the very basics of mindfulness and mediation, but anyone who's interested in becoming more mindful and self-compassionate can benefit from this product.

Do you teach any classes during the day?

Right now we only offer evening classes. But Becky does to one-on-one or private group mindfulness sessions. If you are interested in pricing and scheduling, please send us an email at

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