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Calm and Insight

When we are teaching children mindfulness we always ask them at the end what they liked about the lesson and how it made them feel and often they use the word calm to describe how they felt.

“It made me feel so calm“

“I was able to calm my mind down so I could sit still”

“I felt peaceful and calm”

Why is feeling calm important, especially in a school setting?

When we feel calm we are also gaining insight into the world around us. Calm and insight are like two heads of a coin. It’s because of calm that we gain insight. The definition for insight is an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding. When we allow ourselves to be calm we gain more understanding of the world around us.

We can tell kids all day long to sit still, be quiet, stop talking but is that really working in helping them to understand what they are learning? What if instead we helped them to understand the meaning of calm. To give them a chance to calm their bodies and minds just as they arrive anywhere, especially when they first come into class or when they come in from recess or lunch. Giving them a chance to become calm just as they get home from school or as they are about to do their homework could be a great tool in helping them to process their day and move smoother from one task to the next.

As children learn how to calm their bodies and minds through mindfulness practice they gain insight and they are able to intuitively understand concepts that may have stumped them before.

We have a free meditation on our website called bunny breathing that is perfect to use in order to help your child (and help YOU too!) to become calm. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Wishing you peace today,

Becky and Candace.

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