Thursday Night Meditation Class

This is a class where anyone interested in meditation or mindfulness can come and learn, discuss and meditate together. Meditation in a group can be really powerful. Our meditation coach, Becky, will lead a mindfulness discussion and a 15-20 minute meditation each class. The discussion will focus on the basic principles of mindfulness and meditation. Including, mindful breathing, common humanity, self-compassion, and emotional responsibility. This is a great class for beginners and experienced meditators.  Our hope is that you will recognize mindfulness meditation improving your well-being, and will be motivated to incorporate these powerful fundamentals into your daily lives. What we teach is scientifically proven to decrease depression and anxiety and increase life satisfaction. We'd love to see you there!


This class will be taught Thursday evenings from 8 PM-9 PM MST via Zoom. Our First class will be on October 28th. Other class dates will be announced soon.


We want you to pay us what you think this class is worth. Or, what you can afford.  Here are some codes to enter so that you get the price that feels right to you. Upon payment, you'll receive a PDF with the zoom link. 






A few things that participants have said:

"You are a master teacher. I loved the way you validated everyone's comments and questions. I learned so much from the three classes I was able to attend. I find myself thinking of things you said at random times during each day. It is such a gift that you are sharing with your students, and you deliver your message and methods beautifully!"


"I don't know one person who wouldn't benefit from this course. Everyone could use the magic space. Everyone can use mindfulness to become better and happier people. The changes are so small but make a huge difference. People don't know about mindfulness (myself included before I took your course). It's seriously mind-blowing."


"Becky has a comfortable and fun teaching style. She is knowledgeable and experienced in meditation and mindfulness practices. She has credibility from her years of studying and practicing the principles she teaches."


"This class has truly helped me in so many ways. I appreciate that I can feel sadness and I am no longer afraid to sit with my emotions."


"So glad both me and my husband took this class. It has given us a dialogue and a common understanding to talk about our individual life stresses.


Thursday Night Meditation Class