This listing is for 1 person (ages 13 and up) to come to the Self-Compassion Workshop on Saturdy, June 15th from 4pm-9pm. Dinner will be provided.


This 5-hour workshop teaches self-compassion and emotional responsibility through discussion, art, mindfulness meditation, and personal reflection. Come and be calmed, uplifted and enlightened as we learn what self-compassion looks like, feels like and sounds like--and how it can become a leading voice in your life. 

The cost covers mindfulness coaching, digital files of our adult meditations, art projects, a workbook/journal to help you during the class and continue what you've learned throuhgout your life,  dinner from Cafe Rio, and some good company!


Upon paying, you will recieve an email with a PDF ticket to the class and other important details. 




Self-Compassion & Art Workshop