This listing is for 1 mother--of any age- to come to the Self-Compassion for Moms 3-week class AND a physical MAK Pack to help implement what you learn in class at home with your kids AND 2 hours of personal self-compassion coaching. This session can be used to get your family started using the MAK Pack, we can dive deeper into part of the class with just you, or you coud invite friends/husbands/family of your choosing. 


The classes will be on Mondays, March 9th, 16th and 23rd from 7pm-9pm in Salt Lake City.


This class teaches self-compassion and emotional responsibility through group discussion, art, writing, mindfulness meditation, and personal reflection. Come and be calmed, uplifted and enlightened as we learn what self-compassion looks like, feels like and sounds like--and how it can become a leading voice in your life. 


Are you unkind to yourself? Do you wish to feel more motivated or more satisfied with your daily life? Do you expeirence symptoms of depresson or anxiety? Then self-compassion can help. It's scientifically proven and we want to teach you how. Your teachers will be Becky Farley and Candace Little of Mindful Art Company. They are an aunt and a niece team, who have taught thousands of people how to make self-compassion a part of their their lives. Becky is a certified teacher of self-compassion and has been trained intensely by experts in the field. Candace is a certified mother of 4 who uses self-compassion and mindlufness every single day. 

The cost covers mindful self-compassion coaching, digital files of self-compassion meditations, our 50-page Self-Compassion Handbook to help you during the class and to continue what you've learned throuhgout your life. 


Upon paying, you will recieve an email with a PDF ticket to the class and other important details. Your MAK Pack will be available for pick up the first day of class. We will set up our 2-hour coaching session at or before the last time the class meets.




Self-compassion For Moms Class - Option 3