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We can choose to be mindful and self-compassionate every day, but often we choose differently. We find ourselves not even present in our own lives or with our loved ones.  Talking about emotions with kids is hard. It's uncomfortable. We may even avoid it. We want kids to take responsibility for their emotions, but are we showing them the way to do that? Our purpose at Mindulf Art Company is to show both you and the kids in your life the way. We help you develop an emotional vocabulary in a comfortable way and teach you how to self-sooth, take responsibility, and choose to respond with love instead of fear. We have classes and products for individuals, couples, families, classrooms K-12, and one-on-one experiences.

Our classes,  free lessons,  MAK Packs, and Dub It game, make practicing mindfulness and self-compassion as a family or class simple and fun.


Our promise to you, is that with our help, you and the kids in your life will gain the tools to choose to be mindful, self-compassionate and emotionally responsible. Your emotional vocabulary will grow and you will see more peace and less fear in your home or classroom.

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Common Kindness is a mindfulness podcast for finding your friendly inner voice. We talk about the real art and science of self-compassion. In each short episode, we tell stories, share meditations, and start conversations that you get to continue in your own life. When tough times happen, do you forget to show up for yourself like a good friend would? Let us help you make kindness more common in your life--starting with yourself exactly where you’re at.

Yes! We can't belive it either, but we started recording a podcast during a global pandemic! Listen closely for special appearances by Puffy the cat (may he rest in peace). 

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the MAK Pack
Digital Download $15
Physical Kit $30
Paper Wrapped Box